blue bobbin studio had an expanding selection of fabrics and notions for your sewing projects.

Drawstring pants/ pajama pants

fabric-choose a medium to lightweight woven fabric

            hip measurement 20"-34"=2.25 yards; hip measurement 36"-39"= 2.5 yards;  hip measurement         40"-51"-=3 yards; hip measurement 53"=3.25 yards

thread to match

1" wide elastic, long enough to go around your waist ( if you want elastic instead of drawstring)


Toaster Sweater

fabric-choose a knit with 20% stretch

size XS-S, bust 31"-34"=1 3/4 yards; size M, bust 35"-36"=1 7/8 yards; size L, bust 37.5"-39"=2 yards; size XL-XXL, bust 41"-47"= 2 1/8 yards

thread to match

Tabor V-neck

fabric-choose a lightweight knit fabric with at least 25% stretch and 54" wide

sleeveless and short sleeved version- bust 31"-35"=1 yard; bust  36"-43"=2 yards; bust 45"-47"=2 1/8 yards

long sleeved version- bust 31"-36"=1 3/8 yards; bust 37.5-47= 2 yards

thread to match

Wash your fabric before class so that any shrinkage happens before you make your garment. 

Finlayson Sweater

fabric-choose a medium to heavyweight knit fabric, 54" wide

all sizes=2.6 yards

Roscoe Blouse and Dress

fabric-choose a lightweight, woven fabric

blouse-all sizes= 2.5 yards

tunic- chest 32"-40.5"= 3 yards; chest 42.5"-44.5"=3.2 yards

dress-all sizes=3.5 yards

thread to match

Ansa Top

fabric- choose a light to medium weight woven fabric with drape

45" wide fabric, all sizes=2.5 yards

60" wide fabric, all sizes=1.5 yards

thread to match

Lodo Dress

fabric-choose a medium weight knit fabric with at least 25% stretch and 54" wide

chest size 32"-39"=1.5 yards; chest size 40.5"-44.5"=2.7 yards

You'll also need 1/2 yard facing fabric in a medium weight woven such as quilting cotton, linen, or muslin.

thread to match


Fairfield Button-Up

fabric- choose medium weight woven cotton or linen-lawn, flannel, chambray, shirting, poplin

45" wide fabric-all sizes= 3.2 yards, buy 20% extra if you need to match plaids, stripes or patterns

60" wide fabric- all sizes=2.5 yards, buy 20% extra if you need to match plaids, stripes or patterns

interfacing-medium weight, fusible=1 yard

thread to match

ten, 3/8" or 1/2 " buttons

Helmi Tunic Dress

fabric-choose a light to medium weight woven shirting

45" wide fabric-bust size 30"=2 1/4 yard; bust 31.5"-36.25"=2 3/4 yards; bust 37.75"-45.75"=3 yards

60" wide fabric-bust 30"-33"=1 3/4 yards; bust 34.5"-43.25"=2 yards; bust 45.75" = 2 1/4 yards

interfacing-light to medium weight fusible, 1/2 yard

six, 1/2" buttons