What is Upholstery?

Upholstery is the covering of a stick frame with both foam, batting and fabric. Often when we talk about upholstery we are talking about reupholstering a piece of furniture. Some reasons for this are change of style, wear and tear of the current fabric, repair to internal structure or updating the comfort of sagging materials. 

Should I choose to reupholster?

Reupholstering a piece of furniture is not inexpensive, and it makes the most sense to recover a piece of furniture that has a quality frame on the inside, or if the piece has sentimental value despite the age or appearance.  If you love the way the chair fits your body when you sit in it, if the size fits the space it holds in your house, or if you want to have the ultimate control over fabric selection, that is when reupholstering is right for you. To replace a piece with a similar quality piece from a retail outlet, you will end up paying a similar price to a full reupholster, possibly more. 

Upholstery Fabric

We have a wide selection of fabric swatches available in store. From commercial level durability, to fade resistant fabrics, high end lustrous velvets, and budget friendly vinyls, and everything in-between. Fabric prices range widely, we are also happy to use fabric you have sourced yourself, but in that case we charge a $20/y cut fee.

What does reupholstery cost?

The price ranges based on the size of the piece and how it is structured.  For a basic three seat sofa labor can carry from $800-$1,000 and take 12-15 yards of fabric. 

An armchair is closer to $500-$700 for labor and 5-8 yards of fabric. 

We are always happy to give free estimates based on photos, so please email us at info@bluebobbinstudio.com or text a photo to 734-645-5348

How long will you have my furniture?

The least amount of time we will need your furniture is a week to ten days, which is what it takes to do the actual work. Beforehand we need to take accurate and specific measurements to ensure we order the right amount of fabric for your project.  We can do in home measurements if you are in the Viroqua area. We also can make arrangements for the furniture to be dropped off and wait in our studio between measurements and the actual reupholstering work. 

How soon can I get my furniture done?

We are currently scheduling 6-8 weeks out, so don't hesitate if you are hoping to get items done by a certain date.