Sewing used to be a staple skill in every household. From mending worn spots, to making curtains, garments or blankets. It was a craft made useful on a daily basis.  Those skills have slipped by the wayside, but are easily rekindled.  Through sewing for your self and your home you will find connection and pride in the skills of your hands.  


That may sound lofty and overwhelming, but we are here to help.  Classes are low pressure, fun, and move at a comfortable pace.  

Now enrolling:

Private lessons are available for $20/hour. You can bring your own machine or use one at the studio.  Create a garment, sew some curtains, or make a unique bags and gift.


Create your own class with 2 to 6 of your friends. Choose your own project and schedule a time that works for you. Cost is $10/hour for each sewer, plus materials. 


If you would like more information about choosing your first pattern, we will be glad to help you. From very simple pillow cases, to beginner friendly frock or top there are many options to fit your style and skill level. 

We are currently scheduling group classes though the Driftless Folk School.  Check out their website for more information as well as other great classes taught year round.



Classes are held at Blue Bobbin Studio and taught by Julie Tomaro

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